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A labour of Love: that’s how it has beenfor 50 years, inspired and guided by Maria Toni’sheart, starting and writing this story. We are our dreams turned into projects,made in Italy. We launched our YOUniforms to take on the world and we are happy they are chosen to be your everyday work “partner”. We are here to keep on sharing our World Wide Made in Italy. And our smile and passion too, which are timeless!


1| 100% MADE IN ITALY: the value and the assurance of a trademark and a product.
2| 50 years of history and experience making it a renowned player in the market.
3| The innovative spirit and the dedication to research and development.
4| The complete and versatile product offer.
5| Reliable products conceived to deliver the best results as 
for comfort, performance and durability.
6| The top quality of “smart” materials accurately selected.
7| The wide range of areas served: hotel, catering, healthcare, beauty, etc.
8| The close attention to both female and male practical and style demands.
9| A careful and scrupulous customer service.
10| The product customization.